A change of life.  We are Alessandra and Gabriel, both in our foties, that once dreamt and decided to escape  from the city and its frenetic life in order to find a place in which peace and nature reigned.   After a laborious search we found this house on Lake Orta which we have fallen in love  with. We have uncovered also a place where it is easier to see to each other, to give a  hand and spontaneously smile.   Our choice has been radical, we have left therefore Milan and office jobs in order to  completely dedicate ourselves to the restructure this old house, pushed by the desire to  create a place welcoming and hospitable.  Our B&B was born from this desire and the wish to know different people and experience a  different lifestyle Alessandra Born and raised in Milan, where I  attained a degree in Languages. From  my passion for the kitchen and desire  to know people and different lifestyles,  was born the wish of hosting and also  tasting my cakes and my biscuits.  Gabriel Is my companion of life. Argentinean,  with a degree in  engineering, loves  theatre, sailing, nature and… to  restructure old houses, succeeding to  transform himself at times into a  builder, a plumber, hydraulic engineer,  electrician, painter… ; -)    Luz Letizia e Victoria  They are  our two daughters of 3 years old and 7 months.  Micia (the cat)  a gift from one of our neighbours and  is part of our family, even if sometimes  can be a bit mischievous...  Introducing La corte di Alzo