A “baita” in the Village. Our house is one of the older houses of the village, we are not sure when it was built (but we are still  researching). The style of Baita house has fascinated us, although it is situated in centre of the small  village: Alzo.  It was difficult work to restructure but once we finished the hard work we were very satisfied. We have tried to maintain the original features of the house (doors, windows, furnishings) in order not to lose its unique  character. The house was once a meeting place for local people to have a drink and conversation.   As the house is located centrally in a small village, the house is in a silent and calm area but at the same  time conveniently situated near the post office , bank, local grocery shop ,shops,  tobacconist, newspaper  stand, pharmacy, hairdresser and a pizzeria. Also at only 100 meters from house it is the Piazza Fiorentini”,  the so-called terrace overlooking the lake, from which it is enjoyed a wonderful panoramic view. Buses stop  on Piazza Fiorentini which connects Borgomanero, Alzo and Omegna.  The nearby mountains Although in a small village, the house is surrounded by the spirit of the mountain.   Only 30 meters from the house, there is a water source on which it has been built a water spring.  Just in front of the house it is the path of the historical and panoramic “Saint Scale” that takes you in 10 min.  to the lake. Very near there are other old paths that are in the forests with breath taking  views over the lake,  and other fascinating places are hidden such as historical points of interest, old villages, streams. In the  woodlands you can find mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts, birds, deer but above all an unforgettable peaceful  relaxing experience.    back La corte di Alzo